Flat-Earther’s Are Claiming Solar Eclipse was Fake

What on flat-earth are they thinking?

Of all the conspiracy theories on this (round) earth, the flat-earth conspiracy theorists have got to be the most out of this (spherical) world.

The flat-Earth conspiracy, which was dismissed hundreds of years ago, is exactly how it sounds.

Yes, EXACTLY how it sounds- a group of people genuinely believe the earth is flat. They believe NASA and the US government are working together, dismissing all evidence and logical scientific proof of a round earth in favour of a flat earth. Believing simply, that if the world feels and looks flat, it is.

So what do they actually believe and why are they so popular now?

The running theory is that the Earth is disc shaped- the arctic circle lies in the middle while the Antarctic makes up a large wall of ice around the outside of the disc. According to flat-earthers NASA guard the wall making sure no one climbs over and falls off the edge.

Also, gravity doesn’t exist and neither do eclipses.

The resurgence of this outdated and disproved theory is due in part to the celebrities who believe it. Rappers Bobby Ray Simmons Jr, B.O.B and even NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal believe the outlandish theory and have posted their opinions on various social media streams.

So how do Flat – Earthers explain the Solar Eclipse?

Well, many flat-Earthers believed the Solar Eclipse would prove their theory and unmask the truth for all the world to see. Unfortunately, it pretty much did the opposite.

Seeing the Moon physically eclipse the sun, should be enough to prove that the Earth orbits the sun and the moon orbits the Earth.

Apparently not.

Many flat earthers have accused NASA of making CGI fakes, others have come up with far out theories about the sun’s ability to darken.

Rest assured, the Earth is indeed round and maybe by the next eclipse in July 2019 they will see the light or lack of light...

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