Showdown: Rifle vs Drone: Facts

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Rifle vs Drone: Facts

  • The octocopter drone shown in the program can also be pre-programmed with a GPS tracking system that can be used to plot points that the drone will automatically get to.

  • The unit has a retractable landing gear, which allows for smooth landings and helps get a clear shot to the camera when the legs are out of the way.

  • The octocopter is approximately 55 inches wide and 22 inches tall (when landing gear is extended).

  • The TrackingPoint Rifle uses the XactSystem, which calculates everything for the user (except wind) to make sure the target that is aimed at is the target hit.

  • The rifle will not fire until the crosshairs on the readout line up as red, meaning the system has made all the correct changes allowing for a perfect shot.

  • The XactSystem allows for the rifle to be effective at up to 1,200 yards, or 12 football fields!

  • EverSTIK anti-slip nano-suction sheets are used to hold cell phones in place on the dashes of cars, kitchen utensils onto the walls in kitchens, and even to anchor hooks for coats and clothing.

  • It uses a thermoplastic elastomer that’s been imbued with a proprietary formula to create what is best called "nano-suction."

  • "Nano-suction" is the power of millions of miniature suction cups that are packed as tightly as the cells of human skin.

  • The COE M7 is used to harvest walnuts, almonds, and pecans.

  • The trees that are harvested have their nuts shaken off in just seconds.

  • The Buffalo Turbine functioned as an IED exposer for the US military.

  • The blower has a remote controlled nozzle able to turn 360 degrees.

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