Showdown: Rock Breaker vs Safe: Facts

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Rock Breaker vs Safe: Facts

The BCB Wall Breaker was developed for the purpose of breaching walls in a quick, non-lethal manner.

The Wall Breaker uses pressurized air canisters to fire a 5 gallon water cooler projectile.

Line-x was developed as a military and industrial lining system that could stop an incredible force from knocking down a building, such as a car bomb, or a sniper rifle’s bullet.

After numerous rounds of positive field-testing, Line-X now uses their coatings in a variety of classified locations and structures around the world.

The Real Sentry Gun turret uses custom designed software and hardware to detect motion. Once it has detected motion, it immediately fires paintballs into that direction.

The program for the Real Sentry Gun was written by its creator, David Campbell (and it was his first program ever!) to catch motion in a certain fixed view. The camera detects movement, sends info to the computer, which calculates where the movement is, and then it sends directions to the gun to fire in that area where the camera has detected the movement.

The safe featured in the show is part of Brown Safe's line of M-Rated safes, meaning it is among the most secure safe a civilian can buy.

It can also withstand heat up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for up for 90 minutes.

The RX series of breakers are designed to attach to large excavators where they pound concrete into rubble.

It is powered by a hydraulic piston system that uses a hybrid gas and oil system that leads to greater efficiency.

The breaker weighs 4,200 pounds.

The hammer (or working tool) is only 180mm in diameter.

The breaker can pulverize a 15 inch piece of concrete in about 6 to 7 seconds.

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