Taps Run Pink in Canada

Everything is pinker on the other side.

Residents of Onoway, Canada were stunned by the fuchsia coloured water running from their taps this Monday.

According to Mayor Dale Krasnow, a stuck valve allowed more potassium permanganate into the water supply than usual. Potassium permanganate is regularly used (and has for more than 100 years) to treat water, removing any iron and hydrogen sulphide from tap water.

Hydrogen sulphide can be poisonous and erosive, smelling very distinctively of rotten eggs. Potassium permanganate is relatively harmless, though large quantities may cause some skin irritation.

If too much is added, it can turn the water an unnatural shade of pinkish-purple.

Taps Run Pink in Canada


Mayor Krasnow reassured the public that there was no risk to their health- that is was only weird looking and not weird tasting:

"While it is alarming to see pink water coming from your taps, potassium permanganate is used in normal treatment processes to help remove iron and manganese, and residents were never at risk.”

Some residents avoided the fuchsia tap water, including local Shauna Wilkinson:

This morning when I ran the tub to give [my kids] a bath, I immediately shut that down.

But bright fuchsia water didn’t stop Lisa Schulte from making her morning coffee.

I kind of took a little bit of a taste of it this morning, and it didn't seem any different, except that it was pink. It tastes fine. It tastes really good.

Mayor Krasnow encouraged the town of Onoway to just keep flushing until the water came out clear.

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