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About Scorpians

Scorpions, scientific name Scorpione, are incredibly tough and resilient creatures known for their exceptional survival skills.

While mainly associated with deserts, scorpions also live in the Himalayas, Brazil and some parts of the United States of America.

Scorpions are best identified by their large pincers and tail with a venomous sting. They live between 3 and 8 years and each a maximum size of 21 centimetres. They are mostly nocturnal but can get active during the day.

Scorpions are carnivores, typically existing on a diet of insects. When food is scarce, some species of scorpion have the ability to alter their metabolic rate. This allows them to eat only one meal a year and survive being stored in a freezer.

There are nearly 2,000 different species but only a fraction are poisonous enough to be dangerous to humans.

The species most commonly found in Australia are the Brown Scorpion, Desert Scorpion, Marbled Scorpion and Wood or Forest Scorpion.

Scroll through the videos, photos and articles below to find out more about the scorpion.


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