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About Skunk

Skunks are legendary for their powerful predator-deterrent—a hard-to-remove, horrible-smelling spray.

A skunk's spray is an oily liquid produced by glands under its large tail. To employ this scent bomb, a skunk turns around and blasts its foe with a foul mist that can travel as far as ten feet.

Skunk spray causes no real damage to its victims, but it sure makes them uncomfortable. It can linger for many days and defy attempts to remove it. As a defensive technique, the spray is very effective. Predators typically give skunks a wide berth unless little other food is available.

Fast Facts 

Common Name: Striped Skunk

Scientific Name: Mephitis mephitis

Type: Mammals

Diet: Omnivores

Group Name: Surfeit

Average life span in the wild: 3 years

Size: Head and body, 8 to 19 in; tail, 5 to 15 in

Weight: 7 oz to 14 lbs


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