Australia’s Biggest UFO Mystery, 50 Years On

It's been half a century since more than 200 people saw “flying saucers” in the Melbourne sky.

It’s a mystery that has haunted eyewitnesses for half a century.

For students and teachers at Westall State School and Westall High School, 6 April 1966 started out like any other day.

Then, suddenly, eyewitnesses say they saw three metallic discs moving quickly through the sky.

They remember the strange objects landing in a paddock near the schools before taking off, never to be seen again.

In 2014, government documents were released that revealed a secret radiation-testing program.

Many people now believe the “flying saucers” were silver-coloured high altitude balloons monitoring radiation levels that had gone off course.

We may never know the answer for certain – the paperwork for the launches the day before the sighting are missing.

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