Meet the Chasers: Ben McGee (The Sceptic)

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Ben McGee (The Sceptic) ?Physical Scientist


To assess the validity of strange lights in the sky, reports of unusual animal mutilations or unknown objects found at an alleged alien spaceship crash site, Chasing UFOs had to look no further than Ben McGee.  A space-minded geoscientist, Ben is engaged in the development of xenoarchaeology — a speculative form of archaeology exploring possible alien life and culture.

Ben is a true sceptic by nature, and as Chasing UFOs’ resident scientist, he brings a wealth of diverse academic and scientific know-how to the team.  A respected field researcher with experience in nuclear rocketry, planetary geology, hydrology and glaciology, Ben’s job is to gather evidence at proposed sites of unexplained occurrences and scientifically determine its origin.

No stranger to investigating physical phenomena, Ben has drilled through arctic glaciers, chased dust devils with Mars researchers, scoured radioactive craters, probed aquifers thousands of feet beneath desert basins and aimed mountaintop observatories at alien volcanoes.  His passion for collecting diverse types of physical data in extreme environments makes him the perfect complement to the Chasing UFOs team.

Despite having his feet firmly planted on the ground, this explorer-scientist’s ultimate goal is to leave boot tracks on another world. He is an aspiring commercial astronaut who is trained in space centrifuges, and he yearns for an office in the sky.  It is fair to say that Ben has literally spent his life chasing the stars.

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