NASA Responded To Rapper B.o.B’s Flat Earth Plans

Buzz Aldrin, Terry Virts and Scott Kelly did not hold back when responding to the famous rapper's accusations.

Flat-Earthers are having a bit of a moment on social media. Their claims that the Earth is flat rather than round has circulated Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Now, distressingly one of the more famous Flat-Earthers; rapper B.o.B has started a GoFundMe page to send a satellite into space to take photos of the Earth. Depsite video evidence showing the earth to be curved, he believes it will appear flat.

His theory is quite bizarre considering the amount of photos that already exist of a round Earth.

NASA, obviously had had enough of the rapper’s wild accusations and decided to end the matter, and save the Flat-Earthers some money and wasted time.

The likes of Buzz Aldrin, second man on the Moon, Terry Virts NASA astronaut who has spent a considerable amount of time on the International Space Station and Scott Kelly another NASA astronaut, all provided proof of the Earth’s curve.

Despite all this very convincing evidence, B.o.B, in true conspiracy theorist fashion dismissed all the physical evidence accusing NASA of hiding something.

Oh well, there’ s just no teaching some people.

Lead Image: National Geographic

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