Star Wars Science: How To Build A Death Star

NASA engineer reveals how to build the ultimate weapon

A NASA scientist has suggested a new method for building a Death Star – repurposing an asteroid.

While the Empire constructed their weapon by shooting materials from a planet, Brian Muirhead, chief engineer at the Jet Propulsion Lab, told Wired that an asteroid has all the building materials necessary to create a Death Star.

“It could provide the metals,” Muirhead said. “You have organic compounds, you have water – all the building blocks you would need to build your family Death Star.”

The space agency isn’t working on a Death Star, but they do have plans to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid.

It’s one of many intriguing projects NASA has in the works – including a mission to Mars

NASA’s Space Launch System is the first vehicle designed to meet the challenges of the journey to Mars and the first exploration class rocket since the Saturn V.

Earlier this year, six NASA recruits began a year-long simulation of life on Mars, living under a dome near a volcano in Hawaii.

The experience is designed to explore how humans will respond to the isolation of a mission to Mars – scientists estimate the trip will take between one and three years.

Other NASA projects include drones to explore the moon’s volcanoes and a space shotgun to shoot asteroids.

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