We Finally Know Why Flashlight Fish Glow loading...
We Finally Know Why Flashlight Fish Glow
Scientists have found a new explanation for a behaviour they witnessed in the largest school of glowing fish ever seen.
When Fish Are Friends Not Food loading...
When Fish Are Friends Not Food
In the 2003 hit film Finding Nemo, there’s a scene where a shiver of sharks are attending a meeting not unlike Alcoholics Anonymous in which the sharks repeat the pledge that “fish are friends not food”.
This Odd Deep-Sea Fish Can Hold Its Breath For Four Minutes loading...
This Odd Deep-Sea Fish Can Hold Its Breath For Four Minutes
Coffinfish use their enormous inflatable gills to fill their body with seawater—the first such discovery ever made in a fish.
About Triggerfish

The 40 species of triggerfish are scattered throughout the world’s seas and are familiar to divers and aquarium aficionados. Largest of all is the stone triggerfish, which reaches up to 3.3 feet (1 metre) long, found in the Eastern Pacific from Mexico to Chile.

These bottom dwellers dig out prey, such as crabs and worms, by flapping away debris with their fins and sandblasting with water squirted from their mouths. They also use very tough teeth and jaws to take on sea urchins, flipping them over to get at their bellies, which are armed with fewer spines. Triggerfish wreak such havoc on less fortunate reef dwellers that smaller fish often follow them to feast on their leftovers.

Fast Facts 

Type: Fish

Diet: Carnivore (most species)

Size: Up to 3.3 ft (1 m)

Group name: Harem

Did you know? A triggerfish can rotate each of its eyeballs independently.


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