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  • Episode 1: The Trials of Olimba

  • In the heart of Zambia's Luangwa Valley lies one of the best leopard territories going and provides the perfect hideaway for a stealthy cat. It's every leopard's dream, and it's the domain of an audacious young female called Olimba.

  • Episode 2: Brothers in Arms

  • The Nsefu Pride of lions lives on the banks of the Luangwa River in Zambia. Experienced lionesses bring up a family of youngsters but they’ll have their work cut out keeping the boisterous youngsters alive.

  • Episode 3: Kings of Nsefu

  • Two big male lions, twin brothers with a powerful bond, have ruled the pride for three years but there are rivals closing in and the brothers will be pushed to their limits to safeguard their family and keep their place at the top.

  • Episode 4: The Lost Prince

  • Mizumu is a young male hyena embarking on the most challenging journey of his life; to find a new clan. His adventure leads him into unknown territory where he encounters the fearsome Chimbwe Clan and bravely makes his introductions.

  • Episode 5: The Hot Springs Pack

  • A family of wild dogs - the Hot Springs Pack - is in trouble when three of the adults choose to strike out on their own. The yearlings have a lot to learn if they are to become the crack hunting team the family desperately needs to survive.

  • Episode 6: Heir to the Clan

  • There's a new face in a family of spotted hyenas. Spotty is a princess, the daughter of an alpha female, and destined to be leader of the Chimbwe Clan. She's been born with high status, but this little cub still has to prove herself.

About the Show

Follow Kamuti the leopard as she struggles to find a meal while trying to avoid the Nsefu pride of lions. A revolutionary thermal camera allows us to see in the dark and reveals the secret world of these enigmatic, nocturnal predators.


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