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  • Episode 1: Elephant Herd

  • A team of specialist animal movers must capture and move a herd of several dozen elephants 400 kilometres across Africa to a special reserve. This unique mission is full of dangers and difficulties

  • Episode 2: Rhinos

  • A team of specialist animal movers attempt to move a herd of five mighty black rhinos over 1,500 kilometres across Africa by road and air to a reserve in Zambia to save them from extinction

  • Episode 3: Sharks

  • A team of specialist animal movers must fly a pair of ferocious silvertip sharks in an aircraft 10,000 kilometres from Cairns Marine in Queensland to Dubai Aquarium for a unique breeding programme.

  • Episode 4: Horses

  • A team of specialist animal movers attempts to move twenty of the world’s finest racehorses by road and air from London to Hong Kong for next year’s race season.

About the Show

Poaching, disease and human encroachment are now part of an animal's life on the African plains. There is a desperate need to protect the continent's magnificent and diverse species and sometimes the only way to do this is to move them… somewhere else. This is where Game Capture teams prove their worth and it is into this exciting and dangerous world that we journey. From the mighty elephant to the stately giraffe – each capture is different. Each animal reacts in a unique way to the drugs used and the treatment they receive. The intrepid men and women in this hazardous line of work can never become complacent. To lose their edge could mean death or terrible injury either for themselves or for the animals in their care.


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