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It’s hard to imagine how terrifying it was living in a city in Britain 70 years ago during The Blitz. The “Blitzkrieg” or “Lightning War” in World War II was greater in scale than any attack the world had previously witnessed. A team of historians, builders and pyrotechnic experts lead by Tony Robinson, bring the experience to life by reconstructing a typical period city street – complete with dummies and air raid shelters – and subject it to a spectacular range of identical, real, large-scale explosions, typical of the ones that occurred in British cities throughout this strategic bombing campaign. The bombs used range from 1kn to a massive 2500kg, incendiaries, landmines, doodle bugs and the super sonic V2 rockets. In total, 75,000 tonnes of bombs fell on Britain during the campaign. It began with the bombing of London for 57 consecutive nights. Amazingly only 0.1% of the population were killed in the bombing – less than 10% of the expected casualty rate. But even more amazing is how the majority of those who lived with this bombardment didn’t crack under the pressure. Find out why The Blitz didn’t work.


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