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  • Episode 1

  • Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown performs major heart surgery on a three-month-old rescue puppy. Will he survive and have a happy future with his new family?

  • Episode 2

  • Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown rushes to the Australian Reptile Park to handle an emergency. Two Tasmanian devil babies, Lara and Lily have been struck down with a mystery illness and are close to death.

  • Episode 3

  • Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown is called in to save two boxer puppies found by police wandering the streets. One has been hit by a car and is coughing up blood.

  • Episode 4

  • Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown treats a Australia’s smallest miniature horse that is suffering from dwarfism disease and was not meant to survive past six months.

  • Episode 5

  • Two heartbroken little girls and their Mum plead with Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown to save their beloved bunny Alice, the girls' very first pet.

  • Episode 6

  • Jasper, a beautiful kelpie, is brought to Bondi Vet Dr Chris Brown in a terrible state. A knock to the head as a puppy has caused severe problems and his condition is now deteriorating rapidly.

  • Episode 7

  • A king cobra needs urgent attention to remove scales stuck to its right eye – but getting hold of this venomous stake is proves quite the challenge for Dr. Chris Brown.

  • Episode 8

  • Dr. Chris Brown treats a beautiful pig who is about to become pork chops if she keeps digging up the family property with her broken nose ring.

  • Episode 9

  • Dr. Chris Brown treats a spoodle who has taken a death-defying leap out of a moving to chase down a cat.

  • Episode 10

  • Dr. Chris Brown heads to Newcastle to catch up with his parents, but a call from his dad sends him on a fascinating detour.

  • Episode 11

  • While treating a cockatiel who has been squashed in the nest, Dr. Chris Brown comes up with a radical treatment inolving a pencil, Pilates and some sticky tape.

  • Episode 12

  • Dr. Chris Brown treats the smallest patient he has ever handled, a pet mouse who has developed a massive, cancerous tumour.

  • Episode 13

  • Dr. Chris Brown is called out to a strange animal emergency where two dogs are perched precariously on top of a twenty metre high roof.

  • Episode 14

  • Dr. Chris Brown treat a boxer puppy who has run onto the Bondi expressway and been hit by a oncoming car. Can he repair the dog’s collapsed lung in time?

  • Episode 15: Africa Special

  • Dr Chris gets the opportunity of a lifetime - the chance to go to Africa and work on native animals. He is off to the Kingdom of the White Lion Sanctuary, where he meets Kevin Richardson, who has been hand rearing lions for 15 years.

About the Show

Dr. Chris, who lives and works in the world-famous beachside suburb of Bondi, shows us first hand what a day in the life of Sydney's busiest vets is like and the animals he devotes his days to caring for and treating.

Watch the unusual, unexpected and extraordinary "tails" of animals, and of course their owners. 

From cats to crustaceans to canaries, Dr. Chris saves the lives of animals from all walks of life.


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