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  • Episode 1: Turtle Emergency

  • Dr Chris Brown is called to a house in Bondi for a turtle emergency. Homer the turtle is on holidays while his owner is overseas. What could possibly have gone wrong?

  • Episode 2

  • Dr Chris Brown heads to the Victorian high country to help out a mate and realise a boyhood dream of becoming a vet in the bush.

  • Episode 3: Pearl the Poodle

  • Pearl the poodle was at her hairdresser when she began bleeding internally. For Dr Chris Brown, it's a race against time to diagnose the problem as Pearl's life hangs in the balance.

  • Episode 4: Little Lucu

  • Little Lucu the dog has been attacked by a paralysis tick and the poison is rapidly shutting down her system. Can Dr Chris Brown keep her alive?

  • Episode 5

  • Dr Chris Brown has an important date with burns victim Sophie Delezio. Then, a baby cockatoo has fallen 20 metres out of her nest and wants to alert the whole world to her plight.

  • Episode 6

  • It’s an emotional case for Dr Chris Brown as he fights to save one of the clinic's favourite patients. Then, it's a blast from the past for Chris as one of his most memorable patients reappears.

  • Episode 7

  • Australian Reptile Park operations manager Tim Faulkner ropes Dr Chris Brown into a frightening mission in far north Queensland.

  • Episode 8

  • Dr Chris Brown looks after a puppy that was found sweltering in 40 degree heat in a plastic handbag by a polic officer.

  • Episode 9

  • It's a busy time at the clinic for Dr Chris Brown – a morning walk has gone tragically wrong for Tigger and his distressed owner Bernadette.

  • Episode 10

  • Dr Chris Brown helps a 61-year-old Galapagos tortoise who has just reached his sexual peak and is ready to find a mate.

  • Episode 11

  • Dr Chris Brown treats a staffy who has endured seven operations to try to fix the gaping hole in his mouth. All the operations have failed and time is running out.

  • Episode 12

  • Tim Faulkner from the Australian Reptile Park asks Dr Chris Brown to take bacteria swabs from some of the park's most terrifying residents – a huge alligator and a 100 kilogram python!

  • Episode 13

  • At the Mogo Zoo, a Sumatran tiger is in excruciating pain from a fractured tooth. Dr Chris Brown has done plenty of dental surgeries, but fixing this huge fang is going to be a logistical nightmare.

  • Episode 14

  • In the middle of the night, Dr Chris Brown is called out to a Golden retriever giving birth to a huge litter of puppies who have been chosen to become assistance dogs.

  • Episode 15

  • Dr Chris Brown helps out with a turtle epidemic at a local rehabilitation centre.

  • Episode 16

  • A 5-week-old Staffy has a rare condition stopping him from walking. Can Dr Chris Brown get her back on her feet?

About the Show

Dr. Chris, who lives and works in the world-famous beachside suburb of Bondi, shows us first hand what a day in the life of Sydney's busiest vets is like and the animals he devotes his days to caring for and treating.

Watch the unusual, unexpected and extraordinary "tails" of animals, and of course their owners. 

From cats to crustaceans to canaries, Dr. Chris saves the lives of animals from all walks of life.


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