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  • Episode 1

  • Dr Chris Brown heads to Coffs Harbour where he visits Dolphin Marine Magic and explores one of the greatest friendships between man and animal.

  • Episode 2

  • Dr. Chris Brown treats a critically ill swan has been found caught up in soccer net in a suburban backyard.

  • Episode 3

  • Dr. Chris Brown peforms major reconstructive surgery on a native Fijian dog whose nose was cut off in a horrific hunting accident.

  • Episode 4

  • Dr Chris Brown travels to the Barossa Valley in South Australia to help an orphan lamb.

  • Episode 5

  • Dr Chris Brown treats a baby cheetah, a shaking cavoodle and a machine-gun pig.

  • Episode 6

  • Dr Chris Brown turns his attention to an amorous rabbit and a malnourished platypus.

  • Episode 7

  • Dr Chris Brown treats Mr Wilson the shar-pei puppy, Martha the alligator and Cheeky the bird.

  • Episode 8

  • Dr Chris Brown lends his expertise to the manager of a shelter for donkeys and the surgery receives a visit from a six-year-old with a sick dog.

  • Episode 9

  • Dr Chris Brown pays a visit to Kyabram Vet Clinic in Victoria to lend a hand to an old friend.

  • Episode 10

  • Dr Chris Brown meets Harriet, a bearded dragon with a strange lump on its leg, as he lends a hand at Kyabram Vet Clinic in Victoria.

  • Episode 11

  • Dr. Chris Brown performs radical new surgery to treat a Staffordshire bull terrier with a gaping hole in its mouth.

  • Episode 12

  • Dr. Chris Brown helps a West Highland terrier overcome its phobia of skateboards and pays a visit to the Australian Reptile Park to take swabs from an alligator and a python.

  • Episode 13

  • Dr. Chris Brown tries to find a new home for an orphaned Shih Tzu with a chronic ear problem.

  • Episode 14

  • Dr. Chris Brown visits the USA to meet a woman with the largest collection of pet cats he has ever seen and an eccentric skateboarding dog.

  • Episode 15

  • Dr. Chris Brown treats a rabbit that is giving its owners too much attention and a dog that repeatedly escapes from a back garden.

  • Episode 16

  • Dr. Chris Brown performs a nip-tuck on a Shar Pei whose excessive folds of skin are threatening to damage its eyesight.

  • Episode 17

  • Dr. Chris Brown treats a dog who ate a g-string, a distressed kangaroo and a canine who was hung out of a window upside-down.

  • Episode 18

  • Dr. Chris Brown treats an angry alligator, a dehydrated puppy and a parrot involved in a love triangle.

  • Episode 19

  • Veternarian Dr Chris Brown meets ‘Archie’ the Labrador who suffers life-threatening shakes; a canine with a fishing hook stuck in its mouth, and a walleroo requires help.

  • Episode 20

  • Veternarian Dr Chris Brown treats ‘Blacky’ the cat who suffers from cruel injuries. Meanwhile Pam the kid forms a maternal relationship with Liesal and Chris becomes a midwife.

About the Show

Dr. Chris, who lives and works in the world-famous beachside suburb of Bondi, shows us first hand what a day in the life of Sydney's busiest vets is like and the animals he devotes his days to caring for and treating.

Watch the unusual, unexpected and extraordinary "tails" of animals, and of course their owners. 

From cats to crustaceans to canaries, Dr. Chris saves the lives of animals from all walks of life.


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