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  • Episode 1

  • Dr Chris Brown heads out to the burnt regions of the Blue Mountains the day after some of the most intense bushfires on record to help pets and wildlife caught in the fire zone.

  • Episode 2

  • Dr Chris Brown treats a a small rescue dog ‘Georgie’ but also discovers another lump in her mammary glands that is possibly more sinister.

  • Episode 3

  • Dr. Chris Brown treats a lemur with a tooth infection and a sheep with hoof concerns.

  • Episode 4

  • When it comes to animals, it is always best to expect the unexpected. In this special episode, we look back at some of the most embarrassing cases that Dr Chris Brown and the team have ever faced.

  • Episode 5

  • When it comes to animals, it is always best to expect the unexpected. In this special episode, take a look back at some of the most extreme cases that Dr Chris Brown and the team have ever faced.

  • Episode 6

  • Dr Chris attempts complex surgery on Boris the staffy who was born with a cleft palate. Will Chris succeed in helping save Boris’ life?

  • Episode 7

  • Dr Chris Brown meets a west highland terrier called Chester who has a particular hated towards skateborders.

  • Episode 8

  • Dr Chris tends to a twelve week old puppy who was found sweltering in forty degree heat. Meanwhile Dr Lisa deals with a snake bite victim.

  • Episode 9

  • Take a look back at some of Dr Chris Brown's more memorable animal encounters, from a thrill seeking cat to a 14 week old bunny which turns out to be one of Chris's toughest cases.

  • Episode 10

  • Dr Chris has received a call from the Australian Reptile Park. One of their kangaroo's has a nasty lump under its chin and Chris needs to rush to the park to perform an urgent operation.

  • Episode 11

  • After being removed from her mother, a four week old lion cub called Zambi is brought into the Bondi clinic. Not only does the lion cub require a check-up but she also needs a surrogate mother.

  • Episode 12

  • Chris is in Cairns and his first case is to try to solve the mystery medical condition of Snoopy, a Jack Russell terrier, who at times suffers strange and potentially deadly attacks.

  • Episode 13

  • Chris is in Cairns working at the local Marlin Coast Vet Clinic. He has a busy time in the tropic north treating a large crocodile that lost a fight and a monster python which is eating local pets.

  • Episode 14

  • Chris is shocked when a Currawong is brought into the clinic after being speared by a wooden skewer. Lisa is confronted by a hysterical little girl whose beloved dachshund woke up paralysed.

  • Episode 15

  • Pluto the singing Dalmatian was Chris' first ever patient and he's back at the clinic and appears to have lost his voice. However, Dr Chris Brown fears that the cause may be something sinister.

  • Episode 16

  • A small dog is suffering from a large heart murmur that without immediate surgery could be fatal at any moment.

  • Episode 17

  • Chris has returned to Hamilton at the invitation of the Hamilton Animal Health Clinic. As the city slicker vet, the staff take the opportunity to hand Chris the more unusual cases to deal with.

  • Episode 18

  • Dr Chris Brown needs to use all his detective skills to find out why Zaza, a pygmy bearded dragon, has a tail that mysteriously keeps falling off.

  • Episode 19

  • Chris is heading to South Africa on a special mission. He is visiting the Shamwari Game Reserve to assist in a contraceptive programme for elephants, but things go wrong when a bull elephant is darted.

  • Episode 20

  • Chris is attending to an extremely rare case. Charity the lamb was born without hooves on her right side and without some form of intervention, her life will be cut short.

About the Show

Dr. Chris, who lives and works in the world-famous beachside suburb of Bondi, shows us first hand what a day in the life of Sydney's busiest vets is like and the animals he devotes his days to caring for and treating.

Watch the unusual, unexpected and extraordinary "tails" of animals, and of course their owners. 

From cats to crustaceans to canaries, Dr. Chris saves the lives of animals from all walks of life.


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