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  • Episode 1: Wolfpack Rising

  • In 1940, Britain stands alone against Nazi Germany, relying on Atlantic supply ships to keep her from surrendering. But German U-boats are hunting the convoy, bringing Britain to the edge of defeat.

  • Episode 2: The Hunt

  • In 1941, supply ships supporting Britain in the epic struggle against Hitler are being devastated by German U-boats. But slowly, the convoys begin to fight back, turning the hunters into the hunted.

  • Episode 3: Brink Of Defeat

  • Desperate to cripple Britain's shipping lifeline, Hitler's U-boats are sent to North America in 1942, in search of easier prey. The success of their attacks push the Allies to the edge of collapse.

  • Episode 4: Death Blow

  • There are more German U-boats prowling the North Atlantic in 1943 than ever before. Unless the threat is neutralised, it will be impossible for the Allies to mount the biggest campaign of WWII: D-Day.

About the Show

As the rest of Europe fell to the Nazis, only the convoys of ships bringing vital supplies from North America kept Britain from surrendering. This four-part series follows the story of that Atlantic war, charting the turning tide of the campaign as U-boats and supply ships played a deadly game of cat-and-mouse on the ocean’s watery expanse. From the early success of the German submarines, to the escalating arms race and new techniques that saw the Allies fight back, find out how the Atlantic convoys and the brave sailors who served in them saved Britain.


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