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  • Episode 1: Shark Attack!

  • From a cage-busting shark to an unstoppable avalanche, life can come at you fast! Would you survive a quick-moving disaster?

  • Episode 2: Raging Bull

  • Run for cover as an enraged fighting bull lunges into a crowd of spectators, and make the right choice when the gas pedal on your car is stuck.

  • Episode 3: Deadly Rapids

  • Make up your mind as to the choices you should consider when a highway wildfire approaches your car from both sides because it's Do or Die.

  • Episode 4: Disaster In The Sky

  • Hold tight as a skydiving accident makes you slip from your parachute harness as you plummet back to earth from 13,000 feet.

  • Episode 5: Deadly Ocean Pull

  • Disaster could strike at any minute. What would you do to escape the deadly ocean current that sucks you down into the abyss?

  • Episode 6: Killer Tsunami!

  • It is a life-or-death choice you have to make when you are in the driver’s seat and are hit by the rushing torrent of a tsunami.

  • Episode 7: A Gory End

  • Being trampled could be your best chance to avoid a glory end in Pamplona during the “Running of the Bulls”.

  • Episode 8: Choking To Death

  • Act fast to save a friend who chokes on a cupcake during an eating contest. Would you perform mouth-to-mouth, begin abdominal thrusts or hit her on the back?

  • Episode 9: Terrible Twister

  • It’s about making the right choice when you’re the driver and when a massive, swirling tornado charges toward your car.

  • Episode 10: Up In Flames

  • Leap into action when a customer at a gas station inadvertently creates a spark and when his clothing goes up in flames.

  • Episode 11: Antler Assault

  • You are on your own fighting for your life when an aggressive stag corners you in the park. Making the right choice is your only way out.

  • Episode 12: Falling Through Ice

  • Try to get yourself to safety when thin ice breaks and sends you into a freezing lake, or when a dozen dogs suddenly surround you on a country road.

  • Episode 13: Icy Highway Crisis

  • Check out what the right thing a driver should do when the truck they're driving slides out of control on deadly black ice.

  • Episode 14: Disaster On The High Seas

  • Get prepared to face a crisis when your tour boat is on a collision course with a huge yacht, threatening to send you to a watery grave.

  • Episode 15: Fire In The Sky

  • Brace for impact as you step into a meteor’s destructive path when it explodes in the sky over a crowded city, unleashing a devastating shockwave.

  • Episode 16: Deadly Mudslide

  • Torrential rain soaks the previously burned areas and the charred soil gives way. Think fast when a mudslide overtakes your car.

About the Show

When the choices you make mean the difference between life and death, would you know how to stay alive? These are the stories of real people in desperate situations – and shocking science behind their choices that might just save your life.


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