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  • Episode 1: Bullets, Lots Of Bullets

  • Meet the people preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Chris may seem like a Californian hippie, but he is honing his survival skills in anticipation of the destruction of Los Angeles.

  • Episode 2: I Hope I Am Crazy

  • Proving preppers are a diverse community, meet a foodie pioneering gourmet prep food, a family man training his children for Armageddon and a tech wizard’s post-apocalyptic communications systems.

  • Episode 3: Back To The Stone Age

  • These preppers believe worldwide disaster is only the end of the world for those who don’t prepare for it. To ensure his survival, Pat has built a secret room full of guns, ammo and alcohol for trade.

  • Episode 4: Nine Meals Away From Anarchy

  • These are the people making huge sacrifices to equip themselves for the destruction of civilisation. Fear of an economic collapse has led Mike to build large stockpiles of food, fuel and weapons.

  • Episode 5: It's All Gonna Hit The Fan

  • Are you prepared? These three are, including a former cop with a fully stocked truck, a grandma ready to quarantine her family from a pandemic and a man prepping for when Florida sinks.

  • Episode 6: Friends Can Become Enemies

  • From luxury survival condos to high-altitude bunkers to sniper lessons in case of a government takeover, these people are all ready for doomsday. Are you prepared?

  • Episode 7: Into The Spider Hole

  • If nuclear war or the next great depression occurred, would you be prepared to retreat underground? And how would you cope with a haunting, reoccurring nightmare of the future?

  • Episode 8: It's Gonna Get Worse

  • Are you prepared? “Calamity Jane” has enough pasta to feed 1,000 in case of Armageddon and the “Doctor of Doom” is prepping for a deadly bird flu pandemic.

  • Episode 9: Close The Door, Load The Shotgun

  • From farmers with guns to an earthquake-rubble hacking tool to an underground bunker made from 43 full-size school buses, these people are prepping for doomsday. Are you prepared?

  • Episode 10: Disaster Doesn't Wait

  • Are you prepared? Meet the retired cop who believes that China will eventually bring economic destruction to the United States and a man who is preparing his family for dirty bombs.

  • Episode 11: I Suggest We Run

  • One American couple prepares for an economic collapse by purchasing a shipping container to bury in their backyard, while another makes plans to take their family underground when doomsday arrives.

  • Episode 12: Extreme Prep Edition

  • Revisit the best stories and moments from the first season of Doomsday Preppers. As the prepping community grows, there’s only one question you should ask: are you prepared?

About the Show
ARE YOU PREPARED? The end of the world didn’t come for Judgement Day followers who expected the rapture in May 2011. But who are these people who continuously fear the end of the world and obsessively prepare themselves and their loved ones for the worst? Meet "preppers" including one man who built an underground bunker where he and his family can retreat during a nuclear attack.


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