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  • Episode 1: Aussie Ice Wars

  • In Australia, locals have turned to a cheap and dangerous stimulant, crystal meth. Biker gangs control most of the trade, but Chinese Triads are quickly gaining power.

  • Episode 2: The Real Wolves of Wall Street

  • A new generation of brokers and traders are turning to a drug that keeps them performing at work. Police are coming down on a drug that they regard as Wall Street’s dirty little secret — which is quickly turning into an epidemic.

  • Episode 3: Hip Hop High

  • Hip-hop, a million-dollar industry, plays up to its links with a billion-dollar industry: drugs. In California, wannabe rappers BG and Lil Ant use money from dealing cocaine to pay for their studio time.

  • Episode 4: X-Rated High

  • The porn industry and illegal drugs have a reputation for going hand-in-hand. But after a number of HIV scares, porn sets in LA are under more scrutiny than ever, and it’s changing the way narcotics on set are tolerated.

  • Episode 5: Cancun Spring Break

  • It’s Spring Break and among the thousands of U.S. students who head to Cancun, Mexico, some have one thing on their mind: to get wasted. Two cartels – Sinaloa and Gulf – monopolise the tourist drug trade.

  • Episode 6: Jailhouse Junkies

  • Two jails: one in California, the other in New Jersey. Both have amongst the toughest drug policies in the United States. But still drugs find their way in as officers and inmates battle for ultimate control.

  • Episode 7: Big Apple Coke

  • Dominican cocaine wholesaler Santo has a million dollars’ worth of raw cocaine in his stash house in the Bronx. But he needs continuous supplies to feed the appetite for the drug in the Big Apple.

  • Episode 8: Detroit Halloween

  • Follow Detroit’s dealers, cops and feds as they take on the city’s wild rave scene in the frantic 48 hours leading up to Halloween.

  • Episode 9: Pittsburg Smack

  • Pittsburgh is flooded with heroin. The heroin kingpins hide in the shadows making fortunes. A deadly brand is on the streets. The Pittsburgh’s cops are cracking down and the market is in turmoil.

  • Episode 10: Silicon Valley High

  • In Silicon Valley, many have turned to drugs for an extra edge. Embed with dealers, users and law enforcement officials wrapped up in the tech world’s dirty little secret.

  • Episode 11: Heroin Island, NYC

  • Heroin use on Staten Island is reaching epic proportions as young users leave prescription pills for dope. Meet the dealers, police officers and users overcome by the opiate.

  • Episode 12: Euro Coke

  • South American suppliers send over 50 tons of cocaine to West Africa every year. But the law busts less than one percent. Most of the rest ends up in the hands of Europe’s cocaine abusers.

  • Episode 13: Tex Meth

  • Meet the network of traffickers, runners and smugglers delivering meth to the masses in Austin. At the Tex-Mex border, officials do everything they can to cut off supply.

  • Episode 14: Boston Weed Party

  • Marijuana is widespread amongst the student population in Boston and, with National Weed day on the horizon, dealers and students are gearing up.

  • Episode 15: Bangkok Ice

  • Thai police battle an addiction epidemic as popularity of meth pill Yaba spins out of control. Dealers continue to find ways to dodge the authorities and keep profits rolling in.

  • Episode 16: Shooting Up Suburbia

  • In Vancouver, a suburban gang war and heavy police presence drives some dealers and their customers to move downtown. But the cops are in hot pursuit.

About the Show

Welcome to the $300 billion industry of Drugs, Inc., where traffickers pocket huge profits, addicts become chained in a vicious cycle and law enforces wage war across diverse battlefields - farmers' fields, shady labs, urban street corners and suburban schools. How does this business work? Can it be stopped or should it be regulated? What impact does it have on those it touches? National Geographic Channel presents a hard-hitting new series, Drugs, Inc., which provides a 360º view of frequently abused drugs: cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. Each episode mixes broad context and first-person perspectives from traffickers, dealers, users, law enforcement and medical professionals who take viewers to the core of this lucrative business. The series follows each drug's production cycle, its supply line into our communities and its effects on the human body.


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