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Egypt’s Lost Rival is the story of Qatna, a city that challenged Egypt’s dominance in the ancient Middle East. Located between the warrior kingdom of the Hittites and the powerful empire of Egypt, this ancient city was wiped off the face of the earth as it grew too powerful - its role in the rise of the Egyptian empire forever lost in desert sands. Like the proverbial “Lost City of Atlantis”, Qatna and its many treasures lay hidden from humanity. Hidden, until now. In ten years of archaeological digs in the Syrian Desert, the lost city of Qatna has been rediscovered and a team of international scientists has excavated its long held secrets. Culminating with a return to Qatna in 2009, Egypt’s Lost Rival chronicles ground breaking archaeological discoveries hidden from the world for millennia. The ancient city of Qatna once challenged Egypt’s dominance but was wiped off the face of the earth as it grew too powerful. In 2009, archaeologists revealed their ground breaking discoveries of this lost city.


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