About the Show

We all know those kids who just don't seem to possess any self-preservation instinct. The ones who throw themselves off roofs and climb to the very end of the highest branch of the tree. But humans aren't the only animals whose children seem to defy the logic of survival.

The natural world is full of animal baby daredevils. They can also be brave, messy, stroppy, fussy, tough, gross, precocious, demanding prima donnas and trouble makers.

In Extreme Animal Babies we reveal the different personalities and behaviours of the world's baby animals and find the most extreme examples in each category. The storyline is simple: countdown the ten most extreme babies for any given behaviour or location. The journey to find the answer, however, takes the audience into the complex world of animal behaviour and the reason behind why animal babies do what they do.

It's a fascinating world driven by the battle for survival both learnt and instinctual and the survival strategies run the gamut from awe-inspiring to truly bizarre, with multiple surprises in-between.


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