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Go beyond the dojo and explore five new realms of combat. Experts put law enforcement officers, military personnel, martial arts masters, self-defence experts and nature's best athletes through their paces, to determine the limits of human fighting ability. Super Cops The primary responsibility of Law Enforcement is to save lives and protect the community. But it's not just the lives of the innocent they must protect – they must also save the lives of the perpetrators they're confronting. One of the most difficult problems is avoiding lethal confrontations in "the kill zone" – those moments of truth when it's kill-or-be-killed. A team of top physiologists, engineers and weapons experts reveal how Law Enforcement personnel utilise cutting-edge technology and weapons, as well as their knowledge of human physiology, to save lives. Ultimate Soldiers Special Operation Forces are highly trained military units specialised in conducting high-risk missions such as reconnaissance, counter-terrorism and unconventional warfare. They combat scorching desert temperatures, subzero climates, high altitudes and deep waters. Experts test the superior skills of these legendary soldiers by subjecting them to the most severe environments the human body can withstand to reveal what techniques they use that allows them to excel beyond typical human limitations. Stealth Fighters The element of surprise is a critical part of all forms of combat. The art of stealth in martial arts involves four elements: disguised attacks, hidden defences, infiltration and evasion. These elements form the framework for a series of tests designed to reveal the secrets of fighting with stealth. A team of technical specialists, sports physiologists and biomechanical engineers test the skills of a group of elite martial artists under extreme conditions to comprehend the stealthy skills they employ in their fighting techniques. Human Weapons Four out of five people will be the victim of at least one violent crime in their lifetime. One of the main problems is that we don't have the knowledge or physical skill-set to turn the situation in our favour. Self-defence specialists have determined there are two techniques that drastically alter those odds. Fight Like An Animal Some of the oldest fighting styles in martial arts are based on the animal kingdom's most effective fighters. The movements of the snake, the crane, the praying mantis, the monkey and the tiger have inspired kung fu masters for hundreds of years – but how do humans really stack up to their animal counterparts? Experts bring a menagerie of nature's best athletes into the lab to determine if a martial arts master can really fight like an animal.


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