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After a huge nine month run, King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs is closing in Chicago and everything needs to be packed and loaded onto trucks, including the walls. It's only 35 days until opening in Philadelphia and the Tut circus is about to hit the road. Take an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the unseen world behind one of the greatest museum shows of all time as it travels on tour. There's an international team of conservation experts, an object handler who hardly breathes, and a designer who's addicted to the show. The show’s dismantling process reveals a choreographed chaos, from the de-installation team who work under merciless deadlines to the deconstruction of the boy king's temporary palace. In the dead of the night, the convoy of these priceless antiquities makes its secretive trip to Philadelphia. But there are only weeks until opening and the race is on to set the show up again.


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