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How Does A Blue Whale Move?
Scientists are only realising now the full extent of the Blue Whale’s phenomenal ability in the water.
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Understanding The Blue Whale
Blue Whales are extraordinary to naturalists and animal lovers. The fact that they are very shy, rarely seen and their numbers are estimated to be so low, makes them almost mystical creatures.
About the Show
Supported by the National Geographic Society, the world’s eminent blue whale scientists embark on a revolutionary mission: they’ll find, identify and tag California blue whales, use the DNA samples to confirm the sex of individual whales then rejoin the massive creatures’ stunning migration when they collect at a chimera known as the Costa Rica Dome. These experts have observed, firsthand, courtship behavior among the whales at the moving mass of krill and currents 500 miles off the coast of Costa Rica. Now they hope to find and record the Holy Grail of blue whale science ... the breeding and calving grounds of the biggest mammals in the sea.


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