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  • Episode 1: Lion Attack

  • In Tanzania, Osama bin Lion is the elusive lion who’s killed 40 people. A filmmaker is hot on his trail to find out why lions are straying from their natural prey in favour of human flesh.

  • Episode 2: Killer Leopards

  • In Mumbai, where leopards live in close proximity to people, fatal attacks are common. Something is turning these animals into maneaters. Filmmaker Gordon Buchanan visits India to find the answer.

  • Episode 3: Tiger At Large

  • The tigers of Nepal are becoming increasingly hungry for human meat. Filmmaker Gordon Buchanan investigates a tigress who has earned a reputation as a serial killer.

  • Episode 4: Wolf Hunt

  • Wolf attacks on people are extremely rare. Filmmaker Gordon Buchanan investigates what led to a woman’s death in only the second fatal wolf attack in America’s history.

About the Show
One charismatic Scot is on a dangerous mission: to get up close and personal with animals that have killed or even eaten humans. This intrepid filmmaker is putting himself directly in the path of these predators to find out why.


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