Meanwhile in Australia with Nick Cummins

National Geographic
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Who is the Honey Badger?
Nick Cummins is one of Australia's most beloved personalities, now he has teamed up with National Geographic to create a new television show, Meanwhile In Australia...
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The ABC According to the 'Honey Badger'
Whether you’re a bloke or a sheila, have a go at the Badge’s top Aussie lingo and you’ll be speaking like you’re from Down Under in no time!
About the Show

The open road is like a modern man’s song line and Nick Cummins was brought to this road by a dream that a big rock in the desert was calling to him. It still calls to him now as he goes in search of the stories from the bottom end of Australia; From The Great Australian Bight, to the Nullarbor and The Great Southern.

The place is ancient, the experience mesmerising, even enchanting, the journey vast and filled with legendary traveller’s tales they take us through a series of landscapes that are breathtaking and alive. But Nick is not here just for the scenic wonders.

Nick is gathering stories of the place, grasping hold of a cultural baton and passing it onto us to reveal and preserve the remarkable, the surprising and the unforgettable people and events, that piece by piece we will knit together to eventually define this timeless place, Australia.


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