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"There are signs, recorded in the earth of great cataclysms that shook the world during the past 100,000 years. These events - floods, mega-tsunamis, meteor-crash - are on a scale far beyond the experiences of humanity in modern history. These are natural disasters of unimaginable magnitude. Often they changed the geographical map; and sometimes they altered the course of human history. Ancient Cataclysms is a new series that combines CGI, dramatic reconstruction and compelling storytelling to recreate the distant past and tell the tale of the greatest natural disasters in human history. Each episode presents a detailed, dramatic portrait of the prehistoric world, with expert archaeologist, geologists and other scientists who explain how and why these disasters occurred. eneath Lake Toba on the tropical island of Sumartra lies a dormant super volcano which was responsible for the biggest eruption known to man. MegaVolcano tells the story of the volcano which may have caused an ice age


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