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In the heart of Africa, a man-sized predator prowls the waters of the most powerful river on the continent. For a team of scientists on a quest to unlock the secrets of the Congo River however, this ravenous relative of the piranha may hold the key to understanding the true story of one of Africa's most important ecosystems, the Congo River Basin. To catch it they embark on a fishing trip straight into the heart of Africa and in the process uncover a bizarre geographic location that scientists are calling a potential hotbed of evolutionary wonders. British ichthyologist Melanie Staissny and a team of international scientists travel to the Congo on a quest to probe the treacherous waters of the lower Congo River. A small window of relative calm has opened in a country that for decades has experienced the devastation of civil war. For Melanie and her team of researchers the clock is ticking on a chance to uncover the truth behind one of the last great frontiers on the planet.


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