Meet Adrienne Lee loading...
Meet Adrienne Lee
She strives to ensure that local communities benefit from Tourism
Taking The Wheel loading...
Taking The Wheel
This International Women’s Day, National Geographic takes a deeper look at Women on Wheels, a G Adventures and Planeterra women’s rights and fair employment venture in India.
The Renegade Scientist Who Taught Us to Love Gorillas loading...
The Renegade Scientist Who Taught Us to Love Gorillas
A peek into the National Geographic archives reveals how Dian Fossey refused to let anyone "cheapen" the misunderstood primates.
Princess Diana Remembered in These Timeless Photographs loading...
Princess Diana Remembered in These Timeless Photographs
Twenty years after her death, the British royal continues to inspire millions.
Diana’s Two Months loading...
Diana’s Two Months
Birth, divorce, wedding and death. How every major event in Diana’s short life occurred within the same two months.
More than a Princess loading...
More than a Princess
Clearing landmines in Angola, raising awareness for AIDS and leprosy just a few of the 100+ charities she supported
About the Show

Saturday nights, National Geographic celebrates the women who have worked to make the world a better place. Most of them did not start out with any thought of fame, nor did they ever chase it, but through circumstance, their names came to stand for something.


Malala Yousafzai, a student who survived being shot in the head by the Taliban as retaliation for her fight for female education in Pakistan and who, two years later, became the youngest person ever to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

Dr Jane Goodall, who forever changed the science community and the way we view chimpanzees through 50 years of ground-breaking work. Unorthodox and truly unique, to this day she continues her work protecting the environment and educating the next generation to carry on her legacy.

Princess Diana, divisive and for a time possibly the most famous women on the planet, as a teenager marrying into a royal family she was thrust into a world she was not prepared for. As a woman, she used her position and power to shine a light on those society had swept aside and hidden.

Anne Frank, just fifteen when she died in Auschwitz, to this day she remains one of the most well known victims of the Holocaust. Chronicling the final two years of her life in a diary, she left behind a heartbreaking story of first kisses, family love and a life in hiding.

Dian Fossey, a woman so devoted to her beloved mountain gorillas that she moved to the Rwandan jungle to protect them only to have her fight, and her life, ended violently at the hands of an unknown killer.  

We know their names, now we can hear their stories in their own words.


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