There Was No Excuse To Be Bored on Board loading...
There Was No Excuse To Be Bored on Board
There really was no excuse for boredom aboard the Titanic. To the contrary, there were so many diversions that a passenger would have been hard-pressed to try them all.
Floating Palace loading...
Floating Palace
Learn about the First Class Smoking Room and the Third Class Cabins
Forging the Anchor loading...
Forging the Anchor
How did they construct the Titanic's anchor?
Powering a Giant loading...
Powering a Giant
What did it take to power the Titanic?
Preparing for Disaster loading...
Preparing for Disaster
What equipment did they have onboard in case of emergency?
Raising the Bow loading...
Raising the Bow
Learn more about what it took to rebuild the Titanic
Rebuilding Titanic Education Worksheet loading...
Rebuilding Titanic Education Worksheet
School Level - Upper Primary and Junior Secondary
About the Show
Titanic: one of the greatest maritime legends in history. When she set sail in April 1912, she was the largest, heaviest, most expensive, and most luxurious manmade moving object on the planet. This two-hour documentary tells the incredible story of how the Titanic was built -- and who built it. To get to the heart of the story, a team of modern-day engineers will build iconic sections of the world's most famous ship, using the industrial methods of a hundred years ago.


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