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The snow leopard is the Holy Grail for natural history filmmakers. Almost impossible to film, it is incredibly rare to even lay eyes on this enigmatic predator, almost as elusive as the mythic yeti. The snow leopard is secretive, scarce, solitary and superbly camouflaged. It dwells at incredible altitudes - surviving in the cold, thin air of the harshest, most isolated mountains on Earth. Many have tried and failed to film the snow leopard but now, Hugh Miles and Mitchell Kelly gather a team and set up camp among the soaring peaks, precipitous rocks and ice walls of Ladakh in the big cat's Himalayan domain. Living in tents at high altitude for weeks on end, suffering oxygen deprivation and climbing with heavy gear each day amongst the highest mountains in the world make this the toughest of quests. But the conditions aren't merely challenging - they are potentially fatal, with Mitchell nearly dying from altitude sickness. Despite the hardships of four years spent in the Himalayas, they capture snow leopards hunting and feeding on film as well as something never before seen - their mating. They also capture the cats in snow, a surprising rarity as the predators don't like snow. Through their tale of hardship comes the triumph of filming possibly the most beautiful and elusive predator on earth - the snow leopard.


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