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  • Episode 1: Battlefront Columbia

  • An elite team of American Secret Service agents and Colombian investigators join forces for a dangerous raid on a major counterfeit plant where US$25 million in fake currency is printed each year.

  • Episode 2: United Nations Lockdown

  • From a secure fortress high above New York City, the Secret Service prepares for a gathering of world leaders at the UN General Assembly. It’s a high-stakes world of armoured limos and urban lockdown.

  • Episode 3: Miami Undercover

  • Miami is a hotbed for counterfeit currency and credit card fraud. Undercover Secret Service agents set up stings to catch dangerous criminals, luring them in with flashy cars and wads of cash.

  • Episode 4: Frontline New York City

  • From Madison Square Garden to the city’s ATM network to an equipment vault containing state-of-the-art surveillance gadgets, Secret Service agents pursue criminals and guard against them in New York.

About the Show
Join the Secret Service in Colombia as teams prepares for a massive international manhunt. For the first time, NGC cameras are allowed to follow them throughout the planning, surveillance work and informant meetings, all culminating in a dangerous raid on a pair of master counterfeiters.


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