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Historians have long speculated that thousands of wooden ships plied a Maritime Silk Route from the Middle East to China, but time and the deep ocean have destroyed any evidence - until now. In 1998 German engineer Tilman Walterfang found a shipwreck from the 9th century blanketed by intact gold, silver and ceramic items. It dates back to the age of the legendary Sinbad the Sailor, when vicious seas ravaged wooden boats like matchsticks. Maritime archaeologists and ceramic experts examine the unique items recovered from the wreck and paint a vivid picture of glorious 9th century Tang China. Now in a high security storage facility in Singapore, the treasure comprises an incredible 60,000 recovered pieces. Amid them are gold and silver items that have never been seen before. It is a time capsule from a distant seafaring age. It may take generations to fully comprehend the scope of one of the ancient world's greatest trade routes, but it all starts by piecing together the last days of thi


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