About the Show
The Sixgill Shark is a primitive looking giant rarely encountered by divers. The search for them is made all the more difficult by the dangers of the Mediterranean’s treacherous Messina Straits – a narrow channel of water where Sixgills are sometimes seen but rarely studied. Researchers enter the depths of the Messina Straits using state of the art technology. It turns out the shark’s sensitivity to light could explain much of their behaviour. Could the sub’s powerful lights be scaring off these sensitive giants? Adopting a more stealthy approach, they switch to shallower water using scuba gear. The following night their patience is rewarded in the shape of a huge 3.5 metre Sixgill Shark. For a few magical minutes it checks out the dive team before melting back into the inky depths. Messina has fulfilled its promise, offering a mesmerising encounter with a forgotten giant of the abyss.


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