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  • Episode 1: Fire And Water

  • From a one second carwash to lifting a car into the air using only phonebooks, engineer Tim Shaw is taking his unique brand of science experiments to the streets.

  • Episode 2: Forces Of Nature

  • From creating a giant fireball with coffee creamer to landing a helicopter on a single layer of eggs, engineer Tim Shaw is taking his unique brand of science experiments to the streets.

  • Episode 3: Smash & Grab

  • Dashing engineer Tim Shaw investigates the science behind Hollywood's biggest explosions! With fireworks, gasoline and a rifle in hand, which item will produce the biggest BOOM?

  • Episode 4: Sparks Will Fly

  • Dashing engineer Tim Shaw tries his hand at creating man-made lightning, passing a live wire through a pickle and attempting to create instant fried turkey from frozen.

  • Episode 5: In The Line Of Fire

  • Dashing British engineer Tim Shaw puts Teddy bears to the torch in the interests of science, and tests the penetrative power of an assault rifle.

  • Episode 6: Under Pressure

  • Dashing engineer Tim Shaw showcases the explosive power of beauty products and the best way to make a weightlifter practically powerless.

  • Episode 7: Defying Gravity

  • Dashing engineer Tim Shaw demonstrates what happens when 10,000 volts are pumped straight into a water melon and puts the strength of human hair to the test.

  • Episode 8: Extreme Heat

  • Tim Shaw sets a flamethrower against an iceblock with astonishing results, creates an eye-popping effect with cornstarch, and risks his beloved Ranchero being crushed, all in the name of science.

  • Episode 9: Raining Fire

  • What happens when you put a party balloon in a microwave? Or try to cook breakfast with a car? Tim Shaw conducts crazy experiments in the name of science.

  • Episode 10: Deep Heat

  • From thermite burning at thousands of degrees, to the powers of liquid oxygen, Tim Shaw conducts crazy experiments to find the truth about why things do what they do.

  • Episode 11: Blown Apart

  • Can you make ice cream using a fire extinguisher? Or beat a rubber ball in a bouncing contest? Tim Shaw conducts crazy experiments in the name of science.

  • Episode 12: Breaking Point

  • Renegade engineer Tim Shaw goes on a rescue mission for melted ice cream, poses a heavyweight challenge for ordinary balloons and attempts to blow open the door of a safe using an explosive charge.

  • Episode 13: Spitting Fire

  • Renegade engineer Tim Shaw finds out how to shoot fire from the barrel of a shotgun, create a dramatic effect in a microwave and destroy a desert boulder with an improvised explosive.

  • Episode 14: What Goes Up

  • From shooting hoops in a moving vehicle to dropping a piano from 100 feet in the air, renegade engineer Tim Shaw explores the everyday science in the world around us.

  • Episode 15: Powers Of Attraction

  • Renegade engineer Tim Shaw conducts some gravity defying experiments with trapeze artists, metal balls and a 40 kilogram chandelier.

  • Episode 16: The Big Bangs

  • Renegade engineer Tim Shaw starts with a bang as he tests out which everyday grocery item can cook up the most pressure on a heated launch pad.

  • Episode 17: Chain Reactions

  • Renegade engineer Tim Shaw demonstrates how a harmless table tennis ball can pack a mighty punch and how dominoes can be used to create a powerful chain reaction.

  • Episode 18: Waves Of Fire

  • Renegade engineer Tim Shaw ventures into the desert to test the safety of various gases for use in a blimp. Will any survive a spark, or will they all be blown sky high?

  • Episode 19: Blast Off

  • Renegade engineer Tim Shaw throws a pool party with a twist, demonstrating the explosive reactions of everyday metal when mixed with water.

  • Episode 20: Short Fuse

  • Renegade engineer Tim Shaw takes fast food to extremes when he fires four different foodstuffs from a cannon to see which will travel the furthest.

About the Show

Renegade engineer Tim Shaw takes his irreverent brand of science and engineering to the streets, challenging the people he meets, and the audience at home, to predict the outcome of a series of spectacular experiments before uncovering the science behind the jaw-dropping outcomes. From landing a helicopter on a single layer of eggs without cracking a shell to using custard to protect a watch from hammer blows, Tim shows us that the real world around us is far more impressive than any magic trick or illusion.


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