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In Egypt 1888, famous Victorian Flinders Petrie finally broke into the burial chamber of King Amenemhat III – one of the wealthiest pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom. Petrie had hoped that the discovery of the King’s tomb would make his name, and perhaps his fortune. But after a year of digging when he finally peered into the resting place of the old king, he found that the tomb had been plundered. Every item of any value had been stolen and not a single trace of the robbers had been left behind. Someone somehow had pulled off the heist of the millennium. King Amenemhat III was the greatest ruler of the Middle Kingdom. His 46-year reign was one of great peace, and during this time he had amassed huge wealth. As the Ancient Egyptians were deeply spiritual and to ensure a peaceful passage through to the afterlife and the prosperity of his people, Amenemhat buried his wealth securely inside the most sophisticated pyramid tomb ever built. The front entrance was sealed and hidden. A series of dead-ends, blind passages, enormous immovable stone doors and puzzles ensure that no-one would be able to get at the fortune. His mummy, his wealth and the quality of life of his people would be assured for eternity. Or so he thought…Someone had pulled off the heist of the ancient world. How? No-one has ever got close to guessing – until now. For the first time ever a crack group of four experts has been brought together to reopen the case, each one bringing a distinctive skill to solve a different aspect of the mystery. Chris Mathers, an international crime consultant, reveals the mindset of the criminals; Pierre Tallet and Kasia Szpakowska share their knowledge of life in the Middle Kingdom including an insight into the religious beliefs; and engineer Deanne Bell tackles the problem of how the robbers would have moved slabs of rock weighing up to 18 tons. This is the story not of kings and gods but of common men trying to make a fast buck. At a time when communities were small and rife with gossip, our experts work on solving the great mystery of how they would have kept the heist quiet and how – more importantly – they would have got away and how they spent the loot. Fast-paced and action packed The Egyptian Job tells a riveting story of criminal activity in ancient Egypt as a crack team of modern day experts attempt to solve a mystery dating back 3700 years.


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