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AUSTRALIA’S FIRST 3D DOCUMENTARY PREMIERES Tuesday, February 22 at 9.30pm on FOXTEL’s 3D Channel (Channel 201) Also simulcast in 2D National Geographic Channel (Channel 610). The VLT is the “sharpest eye of humankind”, which outperforms even the Hubble Space Telescope in some wavelengths. One of the most fascinating scientific instruments ever built, it has found its home in one of the most exciting yet arid places in the world. Since it went into operation in 1998, countless discoveries have been made with the VLT. From the observatory in the Atacama Desert astronomers detected a super massive black hole lurking in the centre of our Milky Way, with four million times as much matter as our sun. And they identified the furthest object ever detected by a telescope: a hyper nova, whose gamma-rays took thirteen billion years to reach the Earth. Each and every second of this unimaginably long time, the rays travelled three-hundred thousand kilometers. To go further back in time and space is hardly possible, because before that, there was no light in the universe.


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