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Nothing represents the mysteries of ancient Egypt more than the Great Sphinx. How did the Egyptians build this crouching lion, weighing more than 50 747 jumbo jets? Whose face adorns the Sphinx’s head? Unprecedented in size and scale when it was first constructed, the Sphinx – unlike the great pyramids – leaves very few clues about who built it and why. Now, teams of scientists and sculptors are tackling the age-old riddles of the Sphinx, immersing themselves in the world of pharaohs and pyramids, animal gods and mummies, sun worship and human sacrifice. While the Sphinx’s giant paws appear to be built with thousands of blocks like the pyramids, a closer look reveals that its upper body and head are carved out of one huge rock – so how did the ancient Egyptians build the Sphinx? And how can one particular sunset illuminate the answer to a longstanding debate of which pharaoh’s face adorns the mighty Sphinx head?


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