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  • Episode 1: Thailand

  • An FHM journalist faces a series of challenges in Thailand including to brush a crocodile's teeth, take a fridge over the River Kwai, kiss a corpse and turn his body into a scorpion racetrack.

  • Episode 3: Brazil

  • An FHM journalist faces a series of challenges in Brazil involving killer ants, Goliath spiders, making a beef burger from scratch, showing up Ronaldhino and beating dwarves at beach volleyball.

  • Episode 4: South Africa

  • An FHM journalist faces challenges including to feed a gobstopper to a Great White, score a penalty against Nelson Mandela, win a stick fight, contact his ancestors and win an ostrich race.

  • Episode 5: Papua New Guinea

  • An FHM journalist faces challenges in Papua New Guinea including to become a traditional warrior, tattoo a tribeswoman, serve an in-flight meal, feed himself to bats and eat a penis sundae.

  • Episode 6: Czech Republic

  • An FHM journalist is challenged to play frisbee with a lion, do a somersault on skis, take a picture of a ghost, break the world record for underwater beer drinking and stretch a dwarf on the rack.

  • Episode 7: Peru

  • An FHM journalist has a game of darts with a jungle boy, is cured by a guinea pig and draws a picture of God. He also manages to be mugged by a gang of Peruvian youths.

  • Episode 8: India

  • An FHM journalist faces humiliating challenges in India including washing an elephant’s privates, exorcising the demons, burning a body, appeasing the rat gods and drinking tea with a yogi.

  • Episode 9: Italy

  • An FHM journalist must win a gladiator fight, sleep with the fishes, ski down an active volcano, eat like an emperor and snog Italy's fattest beauty queen or face an embarrassing forfeit.

  • Episode 10: Las Vegas

  • An FHM journalist must French kiss a bride, perform stand-up comedy, beat a hot dog-eating champion, and sweep an underwater factory floor in Las Vegas, or else perform a horrible forfeit.

  • Episode 11: Holland

  • An FHM journalist must eat a diamond, help a cow get pregnant, drive a car with cheese wheels, pole-jump a canal, smoke the strongest marijuana Holland has to offer and be strapped to a windmill.

  • Episode 14: Mexico

  • An FHM journalist must bungee jump, perform an Aztec sacrifice, sell a fake chihuahua, take part in a police bust and exterminate 1,000 cockroaches or else jump on a cactus in a student tradition.

About the Show
In each destination Smith must complete five undesirable challenges. If he fails a challenge, he must perform something unpleasant called a "forfeit". The more he fails the worse the "forfeit". Watch him eat things that smell bad, lose wrestling matches, struggle to understand what people are talking about, and undertake all manner of odd challenges. No matter where in the world he is – be it Iceland, Morocco or the USA – Grub manages to look equally ill at ease in all of them. Grub is everyman: you will see yourself in these humbling and amusing experiences. Don't pack your bags – laugh as Smith does all the work for you.


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