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  • Episode 1: Jungle Midwife

  • Reporter Seyi Rhodes and director Wael Dabbous travel into the jungles of the Central African Republic with a local midwife tending to mothers under threat from poor medical conditions and from the Lord’s Resistance Army.

  • Episode 2: The City That Beat Isis

  • Kiki King reports from Kobani, the town in Northern Syria which was under siege by ISIS from Sept 2014 until Jan 2015. Having been smuggled into the devastated city, King met the Syrian Kurdish women on the front line and the refugees who fled there from the surrounding area and witnessed the last week of the battle against ISIS as the Kurdish fighters liberated their city.

  • Episode 3: Russia's Mink Revolution

  • We meet the glamorous young socialite and former host of Russia’s Big Brother programme, who has swapped her high profile TV stardom for a life leading political protests against President Putin – who also happens to be a close family friend. Unreported World reveals how far Ksenia Sobchak is risking her livelihood and privileged lifestyle to confront the strongman of the Kremlin who has dealt ruthlessly with other political opponents.

  • Episode 4: Syria’s Rebel Doctor

  • Meet Dr Rami Habib, the NHS doctor who is risking his life by providing frontline medical care to the victims of the worsening conflict in Syria.

  • Episode 5: Terror in Sudan

  • Nearly a decade after Darfur, the government of Sudan is once again killing its own people.

  • Episode 6: Afghanistan’s Hunted Women

  • With rare access to secret houses sheltering women hiding from violent husbands or from families who have tried to kill them for refusing arranged marriages, meet the hunted women of Afghanistan.

  • Episode 7: Death Row Teenagers

  • A journalist travels to Yemen to reveal the scores of young men locked up in prisons and awaiting execution for crimes they are accused of committing while they were children.

  • Episode 8: Surviving Ebola

  • Take a unique look at what life is like for the health workers battling Ebola in Sierra Leone and the families affected by the virus.

  • Episode 9: Children Who Came Back from the Dead

  • Travel to eastern Congo to witness the remarkable work of one man who liberates the child soldiers who have been forced to fight in one of the world's longest-running conflicts.

  • Episode 10: Indonesia’s Wildlife Warriors

  • A journalist visits Indonesia, where young environmental activists are battling to save endangered species such as orang-utans and sea turtles, in the face of corruption and harassment.

  • Episode 11: Sex, Lies, and the Black Magic

  • Journalists travel from Italy to Africa to reveal how human traffickers are using black magic to coerce and trap Nigerian women into a life of prostitution in Europe.

  • Episode 12: Saving Kenya’s Street Kids

  • Kenyan Aidan Hartley reports from his home town on an extraordinary project to rescue the children who live on its streets.

  • Episode 13: Cambodia

  • Thirty years on from the fall of the Khmer Rouge, and while Pol Pot's accomplices are on trial for war crimes, Cambodia's people are again being driven from their land

  • Episode 14: Boys Behind Bars

  • A reporter visits Burundi to expose the plight of hundreds of children locked up for years without trial in adult prisons, among some of the most dangerous criminals in the country.

  • Episode 15: Iraq: Baghdad Bomb Squad

  • With unprecedented and exclusive access to the Baghdad Bomb Squad, a reporter follows a band of brave Iraqi officers trying to prevent further murderous attacks.

  • Episode 16: Honduras: The Lost Girls

  • Hundreds of young Honduran women have been enticed over the Mexican border and forced into the sex trade. What happened to these women who have disappeared without a trace?

  • Episode 17: Mumbai's Party Police

  • As generations clash, young clubbers in Mumbai are being arrested and assaulted in a police crackdown on the city's nightlife. Can the country survive this generational clash?

  • Episode 18: The Cursed Twins

  • In a remote area of Madagascar, behaviour is controlled by taboos handed down from long-dead ancestors, which are leading to twins being abandoned and their mothers becoming outcasts.

  • Episode 19: Jamaica’s Underground Gays

  • In Jamaica, being gay is incredibly dangerous. A journalist investigates the growth of homophobic attacks and meets a gay and transgender group who've ended up living in a storm drain after suffering through violent attacks.

  • Episode 20: The Invisible People

  • Unreported World visits Lebanon to reveal the plight of some of the most vulnerable refugees fleeing the war in Syria: disabled people, many of whom are helpless children.

About the Show

Reported Seyi Rhodes and director Wael Dabbous travel into the jungles of the Central African Republic with a local midwife tending to mothers under threat from poor medical conditions and from the Lord’s Resistance Army.


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