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  • Episode 2: Tuna Tantrums

  • "Wicked Tuna: Tuna Tantrums" takes a behind the scenes look at the top 20 biggest blowups, fights and tantrums throughout the seasons.

  • Episode 3: Snags At Sea

  • Bluefin Tuna fishing is not for the faint of heart. It’s gruelling work filled with crazy highs and lows and it takes patience to hook these animals.

  • Episode 4: Pinwheel Wizard

  • This special will showcase the highs and lows of Captain Tyler’s career, with new interviews providing a previously unseen view from his perspective.

  • Episode 5: Hard Merchandise

  • Only a unique person is drawn to be a bluefin fisherman of Gloucester, which is exactly what Captain Dave Marciano is.

  • Episode 6: Wicked Weather

  • The weather in Gloucester is unpredictable and can change in seconds. "Wicked Weather" takes a look back at the top 20 most extreme weather moments.

  • Episode 7: Epic Battles

  • Bluefin tuna fishing is about the thrill of the battle with one of the ocean's most powerful and majestic fish: The Atlantic bluefin tuna.

  • Episode 8: Close Calls

  • In the high-stakes world of bluefin tuna fishing, there are no guarantees. Join the fearless captains and count down the top 20 Close Call moments.

  • Episode 9: Funniest Moments

  • Bluefin captains will tell you, laughter is the best medicine. Our crews will fillet for us classic scenes, revealing how humor keeps the sanity.

  • Episode 10: Hot Tuna

  • Captain TJ Ott and his crew have won hearts with their warmth, humour and humility. Now, we hear the new stories of their fishing history.

  • Episode 11: Tuna School

  • This episode gives fans step-by-step lessons on how to catch the mighty bluefin: Where to find the bluefin. Learn how to lure. What's the best bait.

  • Episode 12: Hits Or Misses

  • In this episode, we'll take a look back at some of the craziest hookups, battles, and blunders.

  • Episode 13: A League of His Own

  • Captain Dave Carraro has held the title of top-producing boat for 4 of the past 6 seasons. Join him for a behind-the-scenes look into his life.

  • Episode 14: Big Fish, Big Bucks

  • For generations, bluefin tuna fisherman have fought the odds and braved the elements for the next record-breaking sea monster.

  • Episode 15: Path To Pissah

  • The hunt for bluefin hasn’t been easy for Paul Hebert, yet, he’s managed to keep coming back year after year.

  • Episode 16: Mighty Mates

  • The captains get all of the credit, but they'd be nothing without their mates! Join the Mates on an adventure into what makes mates great!

  • 100 Wicked Episodes

  • It’s a trip down Wicked Memory Lane with our favorite captains and crew, not to mention the cast and crewmates who have faded into memory.


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