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Wild Amazon: Education Worksheet
School Level: Upper Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary
About the Show
Dominating the northern half of South America, the Amazon does nature on a grand scale. Home to some of the most unusual wildlife like the red faced uakari, the Amazon is the world's great refuge for jaguars, harpy eagles, and Amazonian manatees. Thousands of miles of dense forest conceal a hidden world of extraordinary stories of adaptation and survival. The first episode of Wild Amazon reveals fish that can leap 1 meter out of the water to catch prey, armadillos that swim through flooded forests, frogs with toxic skin, and flowers that trap beetles to change sex overnight. Unusual relationships have evolved in the Amazon. A tree exchanges food and shelter for protection by an ant which will fight to the death when the tree is attacked. But the Amazon is threatened. The human impact on this natural world has already dramatically altered the Amazon. Top predators are essential to the health of the forest as a whole. Scientists try to study the elusive and little known jaguar. Will they succeed?


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