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  • Episode 1: Ghost On The Green

  • The WSI team is on a mission to find out the sneaky vandals who are digging up a golf course in England, under the dead of night.

  • Episode 2: Monster of The Manor

  • It's a true Agatha Christie whodunit as the WSI team try to unravel the truth behind the strange black beast of Iford Manor in Wiltshire.

  • Episode 3: Haunted Forest

  • Strange sounds and spooky sightings leave the inhabitants of a small town in Wales wondering if their forest is haunted by the ghosts of ship-wrecked sailors or just the local wildlife.

  • Episode 4: Goat Sucking Ghoul

  • Is there a bizarre blue-eyed hairless dog haunting the state of Texas or are the sceptics right and locals are misidentifying mangy coyotes? The answer will more than surprise you.

  • Episode 5: Crooks In The Canyon

  • A crime wave sweeps southern California with thieves stealing the most unlikely objects. The local kids are taking the rap but the wild scene investigators aren’t so sure they’re to blame.

  • Episode 6: Attic Demons

  • Mysterious noises in their roofs are spooking residents and the local pest control company are unable to catch the culprit so the wild scene investigators are on the case.

  • Episode 7: Killer Cat Thief

  • Domestic cats are going missing and locals are all pointing the finger of blame at one wild animal. But with little to support their accusations, who or what is really the culprit?

  • Episode 8: Dog Snatcher

  • Domestic dogs are being snatched from their homes in a Chicago suburb, but who or what is clever enough to get away with it?

About the Show
Ghostly sounds in a haunted wood in Wales, silver stolen in a canyon in California and pets disappearing in Vermont – are the suspects human or could animals be involved? Just as smart-phone cameras have revolutionised the way news footage is captured around the globe, so the increasing sophistication of camera trapping technology has led to a surge in the recording of unusual animal behaviours. Big cats, small rats, freaky dogs and scary hogs are all under investigation, but who has committed the crimes and why?


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