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  • Episode 1: Lock & Load

  • Sean Riley races the clock to dam up a river and replace one of the locks that regulates water levels in a busy cargo thoroughfare. One wrong move and half a million litres of water could be unleashed.

  • Episode 1: Lock And Load

  • Riley races to fix a broken dam on the Colombia Snake River system, a crucial waterway that links the heartland of America to the Pacific.

  • Episode 2: Rocket Launch

  • Riley is in for a fix that is out of this world, and will help launch a satellite from remote French Guyana in South America.

  • Episode 2: Rocket Launch

  • An aging satellite providing phone and Internet services to millions needs replacing. Sean Riley heads to French Guiana to help rocket scientists launch a new, million dollar satellite into orbit.

  • Episode 3: Blown Away

  • Riley battens down the hatches and straps in for a job to bring power to the people, assembling a giant wind turbine in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

  • Episode 3: Blown Away

  • Sean Riley joins a team of riggers and crane operators to raise a 115-ton wind turbine that will provide years of clean energy. But raising giant blades in unpredictable winds is a dangerous job.

  • Episode 4: 50 Ton Rudder

  • Sean Riley heads to Curacao, a diver's paradise. But this underwater adventure is no holiday. Racing the clock, he must rig and remove a 50-ton rudder from a massive iron ore carrier bound for China.

  • Episode 4: 50 Ton Rudder

  • Riley heads to Curacao, where he and a team are in for some serious heavy lifting, rigging and removing a 50-ton rudder from a massive ship.

  • Episode 5: Solar Tower

  • Riley grabs his sunglasses and prepares to harness the sun to drive the only operating solar reflective power tower in the United States.

  • Episode 5: Solar Tower

  • Sean Riley harnesses the Sun to drive the US' only operating solar reflective power tower. With two 65 ton boilers suspended over 24,000 mirrors, one slip and it will be more than 7 years bad luck.

  • Episode 6: Atom Smasher

  • Riley is in for his biggest fix ever, working on a machine seventeen miles long and worth seven billion dollars, the Large Hadron Collider.

  • Episode 6: Atom Smasher

  • Sean Riley has the task of repairing the final critical component in Europe's Large Hadron Collider to restart its quest to recreate conditions a billionth of a second after the Big Bang.

  • Episode 7: Mass Transit

  • It's a typical day for the US' 5th largest mass transit system. Behind the scenes, the action is frantic as workers struggle to keep the system running. Sean Riley joins the commuters for this fix.

  • Episode 7: Mass Transit

  • Riley heads behind-the-scenes of the fifth largest mass transit system in the US. The action is frantic as workers scramble to keep it running 24/7.

  • Episode 8: Sky High

  • Riley joins the workers who take on the most death-defying jobs in the industry, from the top of Hoover Damn to the cliffs near Niagara Falls.

  • Episode 8: Sky High

  • Sean Riley goes to new heights, tackling fixes that can't be reached by ladder, lift or crane. From Hoover Dam to Niagara Falls, he joins the workers who take on the ultimate death-defying jobs.

  • Episode 9: Uk Big Bridge

  • Riley heads to the UK to work on the famous Tower Bridge in London, and the historic Forth Bridge and Forth Road Bridge in Scotland.

  • Episode 10: Extreme Lift

  • Riley heads into the hills of Cody, Wyoming, to rebuild one of the first ski lifts in the US, though this is definitely no ordinary fix.

  • Episode 11: San Francisco Bay Bridge

  • Riley heads to San Francisco, where the city has closed off the Bay Bridge for four days in an attempt to pull off a miracle fix.

  • Episode 12: Leaky Cruise Ship

  • Riley heads to San Francisco Bay and straps on his hard hat to join a crew of 1200 as they haul a leaking luxury liner out of the water for repairs.

  • Episode 13: Vegas Breakdown

  • Riley is in Vegas, with the world famous high-flying Cirque du Solei, where the most technologically advanced theater stage in the world is failing.

  • Episode 14: Water Coaster

  • Riley is in the quaint little town of Santa Clause, Indiana, home to one of America’s classic amusement parks, Holiday World.

  • Episode 15: Texas High Tower

  • Riley teams up with a group of high-altitude riggers in San Antonio to help adjust a TV, 500 feet in the air and in the middle of the city.

  • Episode 16: High Rise Walkway

  • Riley heads to work the night shift in Salt Lake City, where the team must life a heavy bridge in the tight, densely packed city center.

  • Episode 17: Alaskan Salvage

  • Riley joins a crew of salvage operators in the Bering Sea to remove a fishing boat, Ocean Clipper, from the middle of a Fur Seals breeding ground.

  • Episode 18: Deep Space Antenna

  • Riley gets under the hood of a 7 million pound giant, helping to repair NASA's DSS-14 Mars Antenna which has been running 24/7 since 1966.

About the Show
A nuclear power plant turbine needs to be replaced. A cruise ship needs another engine. When big machines experience problems, they often require big solutions. These fixes take much more than your average piece of duct tape. Master rigger and host Sean Riley discovers how these heavy duty industrial repairs are made, on everything from high voltage electricity lines to nuclear power plants, and meets the specialists charged with putting things right.

A professional rigger with a passion for adventure, Riley is not afraid to strap on a hazmat suit or attach himself to a live high-voltage power line to get the job done. He’s seen more than his fair share of perilous situations, but on each job he has to show the crew he knows his stuff. It’s usually a quick initiation, and soon Riley is flexing his engineering muscle while helping experts solve problems of enormous proportions.

Whether dangling from ropes hundreds of feet in the air or diving close to a construction vessel’s propellers, Riley’s engineering prowess travels inside the marvels of large-scale industry and shows what happens when things do not always go to plan.


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