Phreaks and geeks- The Gig is up Videos

Video 1.41

Phreaks and geeks- The Gig is up

Kevin has been on the run from authorities for a number of years now and as he returns home to his apartment he is overcome by a crippling gut feeling as though he is being watched by someone. He makes a call to his mother to inform her of his whereabouts and upon ending the call he gets a knock on the door. He decides to answer it, intending only to open it a jar, in fear of who may be behind it. As he slowly turns the knob and pulls the door a jar a team of Fbi agents rush into his house and arrest him in an instant. They search his files, documents, fake identities and confirm evidence of his illegal hacking and criminal evasion. It is now at this point, that the gig is up.


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