Watch An Orca Knock Stingray Out Cold With Its Tail—For Play Videos

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Watch An Orca Knock Stingray Out Cold With Its Tail—For Play

A pod of orcas, or killer whales, circles a stingray in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. Such a close encounter with orcas in Baja California is rare. Diver and filmmaker Jorge Cervera Hauser, and this stingray are in for a surprise. An orca uses a powerful tail swat to stun the stingray. Sometimes orcas swat for “play,” and sometimes they eat the stunned or dead animal. Although orcas do eat stingrays, Hauser believes these orcas were “showing off.” They slapped and circled it for more than an hour, before letting it sink to the seafloor, uneaten. Even though he too could have been tail-slapped, Hauser says, “it was the most amazing underwater experience I've had in my life.”


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