Whale Breaching Videos

Video 2.11

Whale Breaching

Join us as we follow a couple of playful sperm whales which are freely swimming alongside the boat from which we present. The extremely large Mammals weighing in at approximately 30 Tonnes each, move up towards the surface of the water directly looking into the eyes of the crew members who are on board the vessel. The whales do this as a means of establishing a genuine connection in the presence of other living creatures. After this period of reassurance, the whales begin to show off to the cameras by performing what is know as a 'breach'. Arching their backs and propelling themselves through the air, the whales come thrashing down across the ocean surface, creating a ripple of waves with their hulking frames. The whales will routinely engage in these playful and impressive displays as they travel towards the Antartic seas as part of their yearly migration cycle. In the case of these two whales, they are rumoured to be a male and female couple, with the male whale continuously breaching as a form of courtship towards his female counterpart.


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